Saint Jude Retreats

Looking for the right drug or alcohol treatment program can be difficult. There is much conflicting information and there are so many options from which to choose. Each treatment program promises that they have the answer, but there is only one program that is leading the change within the treatment industry. There is only one program that began with two men willing to spend 10 years of their lives living with those they sought to help. The Jude Thaddeus Program is the only program based on more than 20 years of research into substance abuse and how people can overcome it.

There is no addiction disease, only lifestyle choices. While you may feel helpless and powerless to stop using drugs and alcohol right now, know that people just like you are successful overcoming these problems everyday without ever attending a meeting, a counseling session or drug treatment program. For those who have tried to stop on their own but feel they cannot stop drinking and using drugs, the Jude Thaddeus Program is designed to empower them to overcome substance abuse for good. The worst thing you can do is admit powerlessness; no one wins a war by surrendering! You do have the power to change your life; and The Jude Thaddeus Program will help you to find that power, and provide you with the education, inspiration and motivation to build the life you have always dreamed.


If you or your loved one need immdiate help becasue of a Drug Addiction or an Alcohol Addiction, please

call 1.888.424.2626